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Professional Firearms Instruction

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Any Threat

Professional Firearms Training

in Sparta, Illinois

Welcome to Behind The Badge Personal Defense, your premier personal defense training center in Sparta, Illinois! We are dedicated to educating and training individuals of all skill levels, from novices to highly experienced professionals, in essential personal defense techniques. 

Our expert instructors, all active duty police officers, provide comprehensive training designed to empower you to protect yourself and your loved ones from any potential threat. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your skills, our tailored programs, taught in Sparta, Illinois, ensure you gain the confidence and knowledge necessary for effective self-defense. Join us at Behind The Badge Personal Defense and take a proactive step towards safety and security today!

In today’s unpredictable world, personal defense firearms training is essential. At Behind the Badge Personal Defense in Sparta, Illinois, we provide expert instruction tailored to all skill levels, ensuring you can protect yourself and your loved ones effectively. Our experienced trainers (all police officers) offer practical, hands-on experience and critical safety knowledge. Equip yourself with the skills and confidence needed to handle any threat. Choose experience and safety; choose Behind the Badge for your firearms training today!

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Illinois CCL Class, Behind the Badge Self Defense Sparta Illinois Professional Firearms Instruction

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Client Testimonials

It makes a real impact to have police officers present the information because you carry your firearms every day and understand the importance of defending yourselves. I felt very safe and comfortable on the range. I thought you did a great job of keeping control of such a large group. It’s refreshing to know that my local police officers support education, training and safety for all gun owners. Keep up the great work ! I will HIGHLY recommended your class to anyone seeking a CCL. I’m glad I could support a local (Sparta, Illinois) business.


These guys are informative , experienced and the class was fun and didnt seem like 16 hours. I have only owned my own gun for a month and only shot it twice, including the range class. I can now clean it , store legally and use it properly. I hope i never have to be in a situation where i have to defend myself or anyone else , but now i can and will ! Thanks again!


Hi Guys, my wife and I took your Dec. 14 /15 class at the rod and gun club. We both enjoyed it greatly and learned a lot and had a good time, You three are very good at keeping the people interested in what you are saying and making it pleasant. Would recommend your classes to everyone.


Illinois CCL Class, Behind the Badge Self Defense Sparta Illinois Professional Firearms Instruction

You Need Self Defense Firearms Training

In today’s ever-evolving world, personal safety is a paramount concern for many residents of Illinois. With an increase in the rate of violent crime, and a growing awareness of self-defense rights and responsibilities, obtaining an Illinois Concealed Carry License (CCL) has become increasingly crucial for lawful citizens. Sparta, Illinois, a community with deep-rooted values in personal protection and safety, sees a heightened interest in effective firearms training, making it essential to highlight the importance of comprehensive and professional training services like those offered by Behind The Badge Personal Defense.

Understanding the Illinois Concealed Carry License (CCL)

The Illinois Concealed Carry License (CCL) is a legal authorization that permits residents to carry a concealed firearm in public. This license is vital for individuals who prioritize their safety and want to be prepared to defend themselves in situations where their life or the lives of others may be at risk. The CCL ensures that individuals meet the necessary legal requirements and possess a clear understanding of the responsibilities that come with carrying a concealed weapon.

The Critical Role of Quality Firearms Training

While obtaining a CCL is the first step towards responsible gun ownership, the importance of quality personal defense firearms training cannot be overstated. Effective training provides the knowledge and skills needed to handle firearms safely and efficiently, ensuring that individuals are not just legally equipped, but also practically prepared for real-world scenarios. In Sparta, Illinois, Behind The Badge Personal Defense stands out as a premier provider of such training. Owned by three active police officers, we offer a unique perspective and expertise in personal defense.

Why Choose Behind The Badge Personal Defense?

Behind The Badge Personal Defense is not just a training center; it is a beacon of quality and professionalism in the realm of personal safety. The ownership by active police officers means that the training programs are informed by real-life experiences and the latest law enforcement practices. This ensures that our trainees from Southern Illinois, Metro East, Central Missouri, Eastern Missouri and the surrounding area receive up-to-date, relevant, and highly practical instruction. The focus is not only on meeting the legal standards required for self defense, but also on empowering individuals with the confidence and skills needed to protect themselves effectively.

Commitment to Community Safety

By choosing a reputable training provider like Behind The Badge Personal Defense, residents of Sparta, Illinois, can rest assured that they are receiving top-notch education and preparation for concealed carry. The dedication of the trainers to community safety and their extensive experience in law enforcement underscore the quality of the training provided. This commitment is crucial in fostering a safer, more informed community where individuals are equipped to responsibly exercise their right to self-defense.

In conclusion, the Illinois Concealed Carry License (CCL) and quality personal defense firearms training are essential components of a comprehensive approach to personal safety. In Sparta, Illinois, Southern Illinois, Metro East, Central Missouri, and Eastern Missouri, Behind The Badge Personal Defense offers unparalleled expertise and training, making it the go-to choice for responsible firearm owners seeking to protect themselves and their loved ones effectively.

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