Jamie, Chris and Steve:

Thank you for the training on January 25th and 26th. Apparently you may process some weird power to order beautiful weather for the shoot on Sunday as the weather slipped back to winter within hours after the event. All 3 of you did a good job explaining various aspects of the training including some information concerning local vendors. As with anything we do, there always seems to be a critic or some hyper individual trying to impress someone, I didn’t really see that though it could have taken place. My advice is to ignore any of those should it occur.

I spent my military service State Side in Oklahoma, heavy artillery and lots of combat training ready to deploy to Vietnam but never did. From that training, I live by the code of the West: “Do unto others before them others do it unto you”. I hope we never see a George Zimmerman case or overzealous people that end up hurting or killing someone. I joined the USCCA as well as the ISRA for updates, insurance and training to be in the right frame of mind, that is important. Attitude is everything, my last 12 years of train service was as a full time Union Officer and I admit that several times I may have lost my way with people and attitudes so much so that I could have disowned the human race. However, never give up, there are good people and people that need you and a family that loves you. I appreciate all that you do as trainers and what you have to do as police officers. I wish you good health and a long life, Thank you so much.


Steve, Chris, Jamie,

Great class guys. Your presentation was very professional and to the point. I appreciate keeping the “war stories” and BS to a minimum. Lots of good information on gun safely and laws. It makes a real impact to have police officers present the information because you carry your firearms every day and understand the importance of defending yourselves. I felt very safe and comfortable on the range. I thought you did a great job of keeping control of such a large group. The application website demo was very good and made the application process smooth and easy.

It’s great to see active duty officers who are enthusiastic about supporting our gun rights. I sometimes feel like the bad guy in the eyes of law enforcement for supporting CCL, but you have changed that mindset for me. It’s refreshing to know that my local police officers support education, training and safety for all gun owners.

Keep up the great work ! I will HIGHLY recommended your class to anyone seeking a CCL.

I’m glad I could support a local business.

Stay Safe,


Hi Guys, my wife and I took your Dec. 14 /15 class at the rod and gun club. We both enjoyed it greatly and learned a lot and had a good time, You three are very good at keeping the people interested in what you are saying and making it pleasant. Would recommend your classes to everyone.


Thanks for a great class!


I took your Illinois CCL class and it was outstanding. You guys did a great job.


Thanks for a very informative and interesting weekend. I appreciate the time that you three put into the program. You are all very knowledgeable.


The class was great! I had a lot of fun. Thanks for the one on one time it was a huge boost.


Thank you Jamie, Chris, and Steve for a great class! Had a good time and great instructors! I’ll recommend you to anyone looking to obtain their conceal carry permit.


These guys are informative , experienced and the class was fun and didnt seem like 16 hours. I have only owned my own gun for a month and only shot it twice, including the range class. I can now clean it , store legally and use it properly. I hope i never have to be in a situation where i have to defend myself or anyone else , but now i can and will ! Thanks again